The path forward for gun ownership rights

The Citizens for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms ( just made a press release with what they think is the direction forward with a comfortable Republican majority in the House and Senate, and a (somewhat) pro-gun President.

However, said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb, “The real work begins now. This is the first real opportunity that gun owners have had in recent memory to go on the offensive. We need to immediately begin pushing for an expansion of the armed pilots program, and perhaps equally important to homeland security, we need to pass national concealed carry legislation for private citizens.”

Although they didn’t mention in this press release I would like to see them also work towards restoring freedom to Washington D.C. residents who are prohibited from owning handguns and have severe restrictions on long gun ownership.  Although a national concealed carry law might take care of the D.C. oppression as well as that in other places Chicago (all of IL actually), New York City, and California.


2 thoughts on “The path forward for gun ownership rights

  1. Just chatted a bit with Alan; as with the antis, they are keeping their full strategy a bit tight to the chest, but suffice it to say their wish list is nice and fat!

    Mike Lubrecht


  2. Thanks for the update Mike. I should stop in and visit with Alan sometime. I just don’t get into the Seattle area much anymore.

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