Looking back at my predictions

Back in February I predicted gay marriage would be a big issue in this election. It was, but not in the way I thought it would.  Gay marriage was on the ballet in a number of states — including Ohio.  This was key to getting conservatives to register and to vote.  And of course once they were at the polls to vote against gay marriage they voted for Bush for president.

In February I also spoke of the disintegration of the Democrat party.  I think we are that path.


2 thoughts on “Looking back at my predictions

  1. If we were on the path to the disintegration of the Democratic party, why would John Kerry have gotten almost half the popular vote in our country?

  2. Almost half doesn’t count for anything. A candidate only needs to get a majority to have sole control. A party can completely dominate by getting 0.01% more votes in every single election.

    If the Democrats can’t get control they aren’t a position to deliver on promises. If they zero hope of delivering then campaign contributions and other bribes go to the party that can deliver.

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