If you want to prepare for al Qaeda take this class

I took this class a couple years ago — the al Qaeda Training tapes. The stuff has been in back of my mind and used for my own prep but I completely forgot to share it with others with all my postings about the new videos.

Here is part of the description of the class:

During this presentation you will VIEW video footage of Al Qaeda operatives engaging in training scenarios involving: Hostage taking/execution, Assassination, Kidnapping, Raids, Ambushes and Drive-by shootings. Specific skills/techniques seen include: Building entry (single and multiple breach/entry points,) Infiltration, 2-4 man room clearing, Target discrimination, Prisoner handling, Marksmanship (including marksmanship from moving vehicles,) and Rappelling. (This footage was filmed by Al Qaeda trainers while conducting advanced tactical training at a compound in Afghanistan).

The school house incident in Russia went down very similar to one of the training situations in the class. It’s very sobering stuff. It makes you realize how serious, how determined, and how well trained (not as good as our average combat solider but better than our average cop) these guys are.

If you can get enough people (dollars) together Insights will bring the class to your location. If you are serious about being prepared you should take this class.