More changes in the Mideast

Yassar Arafat has been ill for a couple weeks now.  But earlier today he lost consciousness.

Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, 75, has lost consciousness, Israeli public radio reported, quoting Palestinian sources.

He lost consciousness “several hours ago”, it said.

Arafat’s senior adviser Nabil Abu Rudeina, meanwhile, confirmed that a team of doctors was examining the veteran Palestinian leader.

I don’t have any particular wish for Arafat to die but I would celebrate his removal from power.  I just wonder what the impact will be if he does die.  I would like for Israel to solve their conflict in some manner.  Arafat has been an obstacle in this for decades and maybe this will be an opportunity for Israel to make some progress.  If they can solve the problem that will be one less obstacle for us when dealing with Muslims.