Las Vegas was interesting as well as fun

On our first day we went looking for an internet connection.  There was supposed to be a free wireless connection at the Krispy Kreme store just down the street from the Four Queens where we stayed the first night.  I connected to their wireless router and got an IP address but couldn’t get past their router.  I asked the woman behind the counter if she knew anything about the wireless service and she didn’t have a clue.  The local Starbucks was supposed to have a connection.  Not even an signal could be found there.  I asked if there was another place that might have a connection.  Again, not a clue.

I called a local “Internet Cafe“ that was supposed to be open 24 hours a day and not too far away.  They answered, “Goodfellows“.  Long pause on my part.  Then I said I was looking for the internet cafe.  He said, “Oh, we can do that too.“  We walked a fair distance to find them and the street life got worse and worse.  I saw a guy smoking something in a very small pipe inside his vehicle just before we got to the place.  Here is a picture of what we found at that address:

We went in and asked about an internet connection.  He said we would unplug his connection and I could plug my computer in to his cable.  $6.00/hour.  I stayed connected for 45 minutes or so, we paid our $6.00 and left.  We didn’t go back.

We went to a show one night.  Lots of dancing topless women that were rather interesting, an incredible juggler, and some really good male dancers that did some acrobatic type stuff that was impressive.  The Startrek experience was much better than I expected.  The wax museum was a bit of a disappointment.

We went for walk in Red Rock Canyon about 20 miles west of Las Vegas.  That was nice.

Our high school classmate, Karleen, agreed to meet us for breakfast the last day we were there but then had to cancel at the last minute.

See the pictures here.