Dealing with Islamic extremists

The whole Russian schoolchildren thing really upset me.  I still cry every once in a while when I’m tired.  I end up thinking about solutions to the problem every time something reminds me of them drinking their own urine to avoid dehyridation or being shot in the back as they tried to escape.  On the reality front I’m giving a couple presentations to the Air Force tomorrow on ideas for defending against some of the attacks used by the people we are fighting.  In my fantasies I think along the lines of what to do with those that kill children and behead civilians workers and reporters and sometimes post the video tape on their web sites.  This is my latest thought which should, of course, be video taped for our web sites and the news.

  1. Strip them naked.
  2. Stake them to ground in a pen full of hungry pigs.
  3. Let them be eaten alive (or dead if they had previously absorbed excess lead).
  4. There should be close ups of their genitals being ripped off and chewed by the pigs.
  5. Close ups as the manure with bits of hair and bone come out the other end.
  6. Package up the manure and put it in “bombs“.  We were using laser guided concrete “blocks” during parts of the war so this should be easy enough.
  7. Drop the bombs on their mosques.

This should apply to the following groups of people:

  1. Anyone who deliberately injures or threatens to injure innocent life.
  2. Any enemy combantant (with some possible exceptions for those that have been extremely helpful and appear to have given up their religious beliefs) whose release is demanded by those that make the threats or injures innocent life.

So much for fantasies.  I need to get some rest so I can wake up early enough to do a good job with reality tomorrow.