Aerobics is back on

The instructor found some additional people to attend so starting Monday I’m back to dripping sweat onto the floor of a small room with others twice a week.  I just got the following email:

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Very cute!!! I will count you in!! And it is a go!!! Kandace
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Count me as one of the people disappointed (see also: ).
Starting next weeks sounds good.  I’m a bit ill this week anyway.


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I have had feedback that there is a lot of dissapointment regarding cancellation of the 5:10pm cardio crosstrain class due to lack of participation. There are few from the 4:05 class that are willing to move to the 5:10 class to get the numbers up to the 7 needed for class due to the fact that I am offering some bosu during that classtime as well. If you are still interested, let me know, and we will resume class next week if there are enough participants. Cost will be reduced to $60 for the remainder of the session!! Let me know ASAP!!!I will let you all know as soon as possible regarding class next week!!! Kandace