No more aerobics for a while

Tonight was the last aerobics class for at least six weeks. Only four people signed up for the next session and that isn’t enough. They need at least seven. Usually it fills up fast and there is a waiting list. As I was the only guy in the class I worried that maybe I was scaring people away. The instructor laughed at me and said no when I asked her in private tonight. So, I suppose that isn’t the problem. Maybe it’s just the time of year or something. People have other things going on right now or something. It makes me a bit sad. I really feel good afterwards for a while. It can be hell in that little room with no air conditioning and the sweat dripping off me so much the floor is slick in spots. Sometimes she would work us hard enough that my legs would start going numb and I would start seeing the tunnel vision coming on — that happens just before you pass out. I used push myself that hard when I was in track back in high school but it has been over 30 years since I pushed myself that hard. I go for walks with Barb but that really probably doesn’t even qualify as maintenance exercise.

Oh well… I should have more time for reloading ammo and shooting for the next six weeks.  I’ll miss the exercise and the flirting with the instructor though.