6 People Beat Up Alleged Peeping Tom

Amusing. I particularly like the part about the aunt sexually abusing the guy with a tree branch.

 Officials said Mario Russo, 44, was attacked after he was spotted outside a bedroom window wearing his pants around his ankles and watching a 5-year-old girl who was sleeping outside the Bunker Ridge Apartments.

Russo was reportedly hiding in bushes.

Police said after he was discovered a group of six people, include the girl’s mother, aunt and their boyfriends attacked him and brutally beat him for more than an hour.

The police report and mug shots of the attackers are available too.

With his pants at his ankles and his face swollen, Russo was found with “a twig inserted into his rectum and there was false teeth laying in the grass next to the male,” according to cops. A witness told investigators that he heard a female attacker yelling, “put it in his ass, he wants it in his ass.”

Yes. It was illegal for them to take the law into their own hands. Yes, they should be arrested and prosecution should be given serious consideration. But if I was on the jury I would be seeing images in my head of when my daughters were five years old and the punishment I would feel was just would be compensation to the landowner for the missing twig from the tree. Realistically I would probably go for something more harsh than that but it would be an effort to override my feelings.