Bomb building help

I got an email from someone who read my post about the arrest of the guy wanting to blow up a shopping mall:

This moron actually wrote that stuff to you????

Good grief.

On the other hand, flying schools (and the FBI) didn’t seem to think it strange that people wanted to learn how to fly, but not to land.

I get LOTS of email from morons asking how to build bombs.  I try my best to discourage it but, well, they are morons.

Read these pages for example morons:

And those are just the ones that actually bother to write.  So far this month I have received 145 hits (that about 10 hits/day) from people looking for help making a bomb.  I have all their IP addresses and their search query phrases — stuff like:

As of June 1 of this year I have had this many hits year to date on my website on bomb building:

  232: how to make a small bomb
   79: building a bomb
   43: how to make a bomb
   37: building a pipe bomb
   30: bomb building
   30: how to make a simple bomb
   26: how to build a bomb
   25: make a small bomb


2 thoughts on “Bomb building help

  1. ok if u want 2 make a esey bomb just get a shit load of sparklers, say about 300 or more. then get some lighters shove them in. then get some bromine (spa chemicals) wich is explodsive.

    so just plonk all that shit 2 gether and u got an esey bomb that go’s over 7 meters high

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