Typical Boomershoot weather was right

It rained, it hailed, the wind blew and I got a sunburn.  Other than the generator needing to be taken apart and fixed to make the targets, getting the van stuck, and me forgetting the cleaning rod for my AR-15 — things went well.  I sent the following email to the editor with a Cc: to the writer last night:

From: Joe Huffman
Sent: Monday, June 07, 2004 8:50 PM
To: ‘Amy Linn’
Cc: ‘Lisa Auerbach’; Ry Jones; Stephanie Sailor
Subject: Lisa’s Boomershoot Adventure

Despite the typical Boomershoot weather (rain, hail, high winds, and enough sun to give you a sunburn all in the span of a few hours), the electric generator overhauled in the middle of the target building, and me getting the van stuck, Lisa told me at the end of the day, “That was fun.” It must been my mom’s rhubarb cobbler and the detailed explanations of farm equipment supplied by my brother that balanced out the negatives. Although she did express some pleasure with the reactive targets. I have a few pictures up on my web site for you guys to look at. Lisa took many more and claimed that one which she took of our fireball target was the most beautiful she had ever taken in her life. I’m not sure why she told me that but I did buy her dinner later.

The pictures can be found here: [snip]

There are two albums of possible interest here. One is of Lisa’s adventure and the other is of Boomershoot 2004, the public event from last month. Click on the small pictures to get a medium size picture, click on the medium size pictures to get the large version.

Amy, thanks for sending Lisa out. She was a pleasure to entertain for the day and I hope you enjoy her pictures and what she has to say about her Boomershoot Adventure.