Body counts

The target bodies (as Ry calls them) for Boomershoot 2004 need to be assembled.  They are short tubes with lids on each end.  One end can be glued into place before we put the ‘interesting stuff’ inside.  My daughter Xenia did another 54 of the 4” targets today.  I did 144 of the 8” targets.  And Sami and Nick just completed the 550th of the 6” targets.  We are getting close to having all we need.  Next weekend should put us over the top on the target bodies.  The following weekend we will start filling them.


2 thoughts on “Body counts

  1. I have yet to determine if my penchant for making up names to talk about stuff is good or bad. I can see good in that wrapping up the concept of “the cardboard tube, including ends, excluding explosives” in the term “target bodies” is concise. I can see bad in that such terminology doesn’t travel well.

  2. I actually like it. “641” was wonderful. “Target bodies” is good too. Every sport, job, profession, and even family have their own vocabulary. Boomershoot vocabulary is developing too. And you are making good contributions to it.

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