The vehicle repairs just keep coming in

Last week it was the brakes and idler arms for the van, today it was the windshield for the van, the pickup transmission was rebuilt yesterday, and today the brakes on the pickup had to be repaired.  It just seems to keep coming in.  Glad the credit card company increased our credit limit.  We will get it all paid off next month but it’s still very painful.

Barb reminded me that last year about this time she got new tires and new brakes on her Subaru then Kim totalled it.  Kim drives the pickup now.  Hope she doesn’t total it now — as Ry put it, “You are married to that pickup now with all the money you put into the transmission.”


One thought on “The vehicle repairs just keep coming in

  1. I think I would have ditched the Aerostar a half dozen times in the last year if I hadn’t put 3x it’s retail value into a new transmission.

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